Collusion Hands

Lack of regulation and lack of fraud definitions lead to corruption and internal frauds.

In this case Ongame created (or allowed with knowledge of the situation reported by Poker Guardians so many times) an environment where nicknames are created on a daily basis with identical collusion moves. This creates a sensation that you are beeing robbed in every table and you don't even know why because there are so many different nicknames and eventually you will blame luck.

This system allows these protected colluder accounts to extract money from the network in profit and in rake. This corrupt environment will cause a normal user to think everything is allowed on this network but that is nothing but an illusion. This corrupt system is one that ONLY allows the insiders to rob you. If you try to make the slightest collusion move you will be locked. It might take some time if you are not a hardcore colluder but you will be blocked. Ongame doesn't care much about discrimination. They are the bosses and you are the fish!

Our advice: GET REAL! Just don't play! Go play in a live casino, in the worst scenario you are robbed in a classy way.

Enough talk. Let's show some evidences. We will now show some Poker Guardians hands considered as collusion in Ongame point of view and please compare them to the collusion hands reported of the protected colluder team.

Poker Guardians (Cards faced up):

1st hand

T5-182449534-38 (HolyShove)
Texas Hold'em  800-1600 , round #T5-182449534-38
Table Table #1, 10 10 2011 12:19 PM, no limit

Seat 1: HolyShove [2c, Kc] start money: 7020, bet: 1760, lost: -1760
Seat 2: andre.rene [8h, 6d] start money: 2510, bet: 160, lost: -160
Seat 6: vanhoven [8d, 2d] start money: 1620, bet: 960, lost: -960
Seat 7: p1nupd0nk [Tc, 4c] start money: 2290, bet: 1760, won: 3750
Seat 8: LasseONx [3c, Ah] start money: 710, bet: 710, lost: -710
Seat 10: jim613 [5d, Ts] start money: 850, bet: 160, lost: -160

vanhoven posts small blind (800), p1nupd0nk posts big blind (1600), vanhoven posts ante (160), p1nupd0nk posts ante (160), LasseONx posts ante (160), jim613 posts ante (160), HolyShove posts ante (160), andre.rene posts ante (160),

LasseONx calls 550 and is all-in, jim613 folds, HolyShove calls 1600, andre.rene folds, vanhoven folds, p1nupd0nk away, p1nupd0nk checks.

FLOP [board cards Jd, 7s, Jh]
p1nupd0nk checks, HolyShove checks.

TURN [board cards Jd, 7s, Jh, 4s]
p1nupd0nk checks, HolyShove checks.

RIVER [board cards Jd, 7s, Jh, 4s, 5c]
p1nupd0nk checks, HolyShove checks.

p1nupd0nk shows [Tc, 4c], LasseONx mucks cards [3c, Ah], HolyShove mucks cards [2c, Kc], p1nupd0nk won 3160, p1nupd0nk won 2350.

Pot: 3160, (including rake 0)
Pot: 2350, (including rake 0)
[board cards Jd, 7s, Jh, 4s, 5c]
HolyShove [2c, Kc] lost 1760
andre.rene [8h, 6d] lost 160
vanhoven [8d, 2d] lost 960
p1nupd0nk [Tc, 4c] won 5510
LasseONx [3c, Ah] lost 710
jim613 [5d, Ts] lost 160

p1nupd0nk explanation:

Only 6 players left. Two of the players were very short and would probably die on their bilnds. I am at the big blind, the first player goes all in (UTG) for less than onle big blind. HolyShove flat calls one big blind as he was doing all the game (look at initial stacks), I didn’t need to risk anything at that point so I checked down to the river as it usually done in DONs. Where is the collusion?

Ongame answer: None

2nd hand

T5-182523353-14 (oh_isabel)
Texas Hold'em  50-100 , round #T5-182523353-14
Table Table #1, 10 10 2011 15:30 PM, no limit

Seat 1: comart4000 [Jh, Qs] start money: 1605, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 2: Rondonault [8h, 9d] start money: 1495, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 3: gogi2011 [7h, 6h] start money: 1645, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 4: beevower1 [As, 2d] start money: 1615, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 5: liendres [7c, Js] start money: 1900, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 7: I Want 1 KK [Jd, Kh] start money: 1425, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 8: x-_gg_-x [Td, 5s] start money: 1470, bet: 0, lost: 0
Seat 9: oh_isabel [4d, Th] start money: 2390, bet: 100, lost: -100
Seat 10: p1nupd0nk [5h, 4s] start money: 1455, bet: 100, won: 100

oh_isabel posts small blind (50), p1nupd0nk posts big blind (100),

comart4000 folds, Rondonault folds, gogi2011 folds, beevower1 folds, liendres folds, I Want 1 KK folds, x-_gg_-x folds, oh_isabel calls 100, p1nupd0nk raises to 300, oh_isabel folds, p1nupd0nk gets back uncalled 200.

p1nupd0nk mucks cards [5h, 4s], p1nupd0nk won 200.

Pot: 200, (including rake 0)
Dealer: x-_gg_-x

comart4000 [Jh, Qs] lost 0
Rondonault [8h, 9d] lost 0
gogi2011 [7h, 6h] lost 0
beevower1 [As, 2d] lost 0
liendres [7c, Js] lost 0
I Want 1 KK [Jd, Kh] lost 0
x-_gg_-x [Td, 5s] lost 0
oh_isabel [4d, Th] lost 100
p1nupd0nk [5h, 4s] won 200

p1nupd0nk explanation:

I was at the big blind with 54. Everyone folds and the SB only calls. I made a standard move to raise a limper to force him to fold or go all in. The player decided to fold and I can see why… 4T offsuited. The player was very tight so I think it was a good move. Where is the collusion?

Ongame answer: None

3rd hand

T5-182449534-32 (Holyshove)
Texas Hold'em  400-800 , round #T5-182449534-32
Table Table #1, 10 10 2011 12:14 PM, no limit

Seat 1: HolyShove [Kd, Td] start money: 5445, bet: 880, lost: -780
Seat 2: andre.rene [8d, As] start money: 2330, bet: 80, lost: -80
Seat 3: saxobeat x [2s, 3s] start money: 1160, bet: 80, lost: -80
Seat 4: iiiiiioooooo [9d, 2h] start money: 280, bet: 80, lost: -80
Seat 6: vanhoven [3h, 9h] start money: 1590, bet: 80, lost: -80
Seat 7: p1nupd0nk [Qd, Ad] start money: 830, bet: 830, won: 2060
Seat 8: LasseONx [Ts, 9s] start money: 1570, bet: 880, lost: -880
Seat 10: jim613 [Qc, 3c] start money: 1795, bet: 80, lost: -80

p1nupd0nk posts small blind (400), LasseONx posts big blind (800), p1nupd0nk posts ante (80), LasseONx posts ante (80), jim613 posts ante (80), HolyShove posts ante (80), andre.rene posts ante (80), saxobeat x posts ante (80), iiiiiioooooo posts ante (80), vanhoven posts ante (80),

jim613 folds, HolyShove calls 800, andre.rene folds, saxobeat x away, saxobeat x folds, iiiiiioooooo folds, vanhoven folds, p1nupd0nk calls 750 and is all-in, LasseONx checks.

FLOP [board cards Qh, Ah, 5c]
LasseONx checks, HolyShove checks.

TURN [board cards Qh, Ah, 5c, 3d]
LasseONx checks, HolyShove checks.

RIVER [board cards Qh, Ah, 5c, 3d, 8s]
LasseONx checks, HolyShove checks.

p1nupd0nk shows [Qd, Ad], LasseONx mucks cards [Ts, 9s], HolyShove shows [Kd, Td], p1nupd0nk won 2890, HolyShove won 100.

Pot: 2890, (including rake 0)
Pot: 100, (including rake 0)
Dealer: vanhoven
[board cards Qh, Ah, 5c, 3d, 8s]
HolyShove [Kd, Td] won 100
andre.rene [8d, As] lost 80
saxobeat x [2s, 3s] lost 80
iiiiiioooooo [9d, 2h] lost 80
vanhoven [3h, 9h] lost 80
p1nupd0nk [Qd, Ad] won 2890
LasseONx [Ts, 9s] lost 880
jim613 [Qc, 3c] lost 80

p1nupd0nk explanation:

As i mentioned before the player “HolyShove” was raising and calling lots of hands. I was shortstacked with AQ on the SB. It was a very easy decision for me. Don’t you think it would be a very risky hand for colluders to go against each other? AQ vs 10K? And instead of raising as he was doing in every hand now he only calls letting “LasseONx” winning the hand? He was clearly trying to eliminate me by checking it down to the river with “LasseONx”… Wher is the collusion?

Ongame answer: None

Ongame Protected Team (cards faced down):

1st hand

Another outrageous collusion hand! "Duda Pink" calls 800 pre-flop then check it down to the river and folds without any bets on the river! I never got any answer from the hand that "Duda Pink" was holding but I am 100% sure that it was better than “rihanabarbie” hand. If it was worst "Duda Pink" would raise in the river to get other players out of the hand and save his mate “rihanabarbie” in the good Brazilian colluder style.

(rihanabarbie & Duda Pink)

TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, T5-155994268-38
played at "Table #1" for USD TC from 2011-07-01 17:30 until 2011-07-01 17:31

Seat 1: muckitdonk (2,590 in chips)
Seat 3: Streakless (2,160 in chips)
Seat 6: randompl4y (3,700 in chips)
Seat 7: Duda Pink (4,460 in chips)
Seat 8: rihanabarbie (580 in chips)
Seat 10: Vaseline4u (1,510 in chips)

Duda Pink posts ante (80), rihanabarbie posts ante (80), Vaseline4u posts ante (80), muckitdonk posts ante (80), Streakless posts ante (80), randompl4y posts ante (80), Duda Pink posts small blind (400), rihanabarbie posts big blind (500),

Vaseline4u folds, muckitdonk calls 800, Streakless folds, randompl4y calls 800, Duda Pink calls 800.

FLOP [board cards: 2S,JD,7C ]
Duda Pink checks, muckitdonk checks, randompl4y checks.

TURN [board cards: 2S,JD,7C,5S ]
Duda Pink checks, muckitdonk checks, randompl4y checks.

RIVER [board cards: 2S,JD,7C,5S,9S ]
Duda Pink folds, muckitdonk checks, randompl4y checks.

rihanabarbie shows [ AC,QS ]
muckitdonk shows [ QC,AD ]
randompl4y mucks cards [ KH,QH ]
muckitdonk wins 1,240, rihanabarbie wins 1,240, muckitdonk wins 900.

Dealer: randompl4y
Pot: 3,380
muckitdonk, bets 880, collects 2,140, net 1,260
Streakless, loses 80
randompl4y, loses 880
Duda Pink, loses 880
rihanabarbie, bets 580, collects 1,240, net 660
Vaseline4u, loses 80

2nd hand

Mike Bit folds his Big Blind of 600 when his teammate goes allin with 870 chips. Folding 270 to a 2040 pot in his Big Blind.

(Mike Bit & Ell Mago)

TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, T5-157687008-28
played at "Table #1" for USD TC from 2011-07-08 16:39 until 2011-07-08 16:39

Seat 1: snbh1313 (385 in chips)
Seat 2: randompl4y (4,555 in chips)
Seat 3: Ell Mago (930 in chips)
Seat 5: blackwitecat (1,315 in chips)
Seat 6: xipameapussa (760 in chips)
Seat 7: Steffen120 (1,720 in chips)
Seat 8: JUDGE JUDY_x (2,890 in chips)
Seat 9: Mike Bit (1,370 in chips)
Seat 10: x_ace66666 (1,075 in chips)

JUDGE JUDY_x posts ante (60), Mike Bit posts ante (60), x_ace66666 posts ante (60), snbh1313 posts ante (60), randompl4y posts ante (60), Ell Mago posts ante (60), blackwitecat posts ante (60), xipameapussa posts ante (60), Steffen120 posts ante (60), JUDGE JUDY_x posts small blind (300), Mike Bit posts big blind (600),

x_ace66666 folds, snbh1313 folds, randompl4y folds, Ell Mago raises to 870 and is all-in, blackwitecat folds, xipameapussa folds, Steffen120 folds, JUDGE JUDY_x folds, Mike Bit folds.

Ell Mago wins 2,040.

Dealer: Steffen120
Pot: 2,040
snbh1313, loses 60
randompl4y, loses 60
Ell Mago, bets 660, collects 2,040, net 1,380
blackwitecat, loses 60
xipameapussa, loses 60
Steffen120, loses 60
JUDGE JUDY_x, loses 360
Mike Bit, loses 660
x_ace66666, loses 60

3rd hand

(NoisQvamo & Black race)

The typical Brazilian hardcore collusion: "Black race" goes allin in his mate "NoisQvamo" Big Blind and dispite the call of Petrosian57 he prefers to instafold for 155 chips in hope that "Black race" survives.

TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, T5-157396858-27
played at "Table #1" for USD TC from 2011-07-07 13:43 until 2011-07-07 13:44

Seat 2: Petrosian57 (1,020 in chips)
Seat 3: NoisQvamo (2,080 in chips)
Seat 4: randompl4y (2,715 in chips)
Seat 6: Black race (815 in chips)
Seat 7: mayday96 (3,010 in chips)
Seat 9: FehuLoke (3,660 in chips)
Seat 10: OwnBrandCola (1,700 in chips)

Petrosian57 posts ante (60), NoisQvamo posts ante (60), randompl4y posts ante (60), Black race posts ante (60), mayday96 posts ante (60), FehuLoke posts ante (60), OwnBrandCola posts ante (60), Petrosian57 posts small blind (300), NoisQvamo posts big blind (600),

randompl4y folds, Black race raises to 755 and is all-in, mayday96 folds, FehuLoke folds, OwnBrandCola folds, Petrosian57 calls 755, NoisQvamo folds.

FLOP [board cards: JD,TS,2S ]

TURN [board cards: JD,TS,2S,5H ]

RIVER [board cards: JD,TS,2S,5H,QH ]

Black race shows [ AH,7S ]
Petrosian57 shows [ JH,8C ]
Petrosian57 wins 2,530.

Dealer: OwnBrandCola
Pot: 2,530
Petrosian57, bets 815, collects 2,530, net 1,715
NoisQvamo, loses 660
randompl4y, loses 60
Black race, loses 815
mayday96, loses 60
FehuLoke, loses 60
OwnBrandCola, loses 60

4th hand

(__sarinha__ & crispin_5)

 The typical Brazilian hardcore collusion with one player to leave: "crispin_5" calls 400 in his teammate big blind "__sarinha__". Since I knew they were colluders I also called to see the hand and to avoid chipdumping. In the flop "__sarinha__" goes all in for only 145 chips more to a 1930 pot and "crispin_5" instafolds. I couldn’t fold for 145 chips obviously. Why "crispin_5" folded? In my opinion he had a better hand or even a draw and so they decided the easy and safest way. The Brazilian team does not like to take any chances and they can always cash out safely even with lots of reports. They are protected by Ongame and Bestpoker so they fear nothing.

TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, T5-147362446-32
played at "Table #1" for USD TC from 2011-05-29 14:32 until 2011-05-29 14:33

Seat 2: __sarinha__ (585 in chips)
Seat 3: 3zFLeQkx5c (2,340 in chips)
Seat 4: crispin_5 (2,860 in chips)
Seat 6: _Kahnawake_ (2,800 in chips)
Seat 8: MaximoCozeti (4,610 in chips)
Seat 10: nerdfactory (1,805 in chips)

nerdfactory posts ante (40), __sarinha__ posts ante (40), 3zFLeQkx5c posts ante (40), crispin_5 posts ante (40), _Kahnawake_ posts ante (40), MaximoCozeti posts ante (40), nerdfactory posts small blind (200), __sarinha__ posts big blind (400),

3zFLeQkx5c folds, crispin_5 calls 400, _Kahnawake_ calls 400, MaximoCozeti folds, nerdfactory folds, __sarinha__ checks.

FLOP [board cards: 8H,QS,6C ]
__sarinha__ bets 145 and is all-in, crispin_5 folds, _Kahnawake_ calls 145.

TURN [board cards: 8H,QS,6C,8C ]

RIVER [board cards: 8H,QS,6C,8C,TS ]

__sarinha__ shows [ QH,4D ]
_Kahnawake_ shows [ 6S,KC ]
__sarinha__ wins 1,930.

Dealer: MaximoCozeti
Pot: 1,930
__sarinha__, bets 585, collects 1,930, net 1,345
3zFLeQkx5c, loses 40
crispin_5, loses 440
_Kahnawake_, loses 585
MaximoCozeti, loses 40
nerdfactory, loses 240

26th hand

(_pianista_ & filedoboi69)

In this hand “_pianista_” folds in his small blind for 140 chips to his teammate “filedoboi69” with big blinds at 400. Please note that “_pianista_” is a shark at DONs. Do you wonder why?

TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, T5-145919130-35
played at "Table #1" for USD TC from 2011-05-24 12:06 until 2011-05-24 12:06

Seat 1: _pianista_ (1,390 in chips) 
Seat 2: filedoboi69 (620 in chips) 
Seat 3: TTdoktor (790 in chips) 
Seat 4: xipameapussa (1,450 in chips) 
Seat 5: yeahilikeit (1,380 in chips) 
Seat 6: brwlw92 (5,605 in chips) 
Seat 8: Rokasaaa (3,540 in chips) 
Seat 10: iiiiiioooooo (225 in chips) 

, _pianista_ posts ante (80), filedoboi69 posts ante (80), TTdoktor posts ante (80), xipameapussa posts ante (80), yeahilikeit posts ante (80), brwlw92 posts ante (80), Rokasaaa posts ante (80), iiiiiioooooo posts ante (80), _pianista_ posts small blind (400), filedoboi69 posts big blind (540),

TTdoktor folds, xipameapussa folds, yeahilikeit folds, brwlw92 folds, Rokasaaa folds, iiiiiioooooo folds, _pianista_ folds.

filedoboi69 wins 1,440.

Dealer: iiiiiioooooo
Pot: 1,440
_pianista_, loses 480
filedoboi69, bets 480, collects 1,440, net 960
TTdoktor, loses 80
xipameapussa, loses 80
yeahilikeit, loses 80
brwlw92, loses 80
Rokasaaa, loses 80
iiiiiioooooo, loses 80

This was just a sample please check a larger sample of 38 hands of the protected colluders in the following link:

Password: ongamefraud


Collusion isn't about a specific hand. It's all about the behavior of players. For example, Poker Guardians always tried to play as fair as possible and avoided moves that irritates players unless they were identified as colluders. So if you are from the protected colluders team or any other small team of colluders you might noticed that many times Poker Guardians risked everything to eliminate you no matter what was the cost of it.

Proof of that is that Ongame investigated as hard as they could and they couldn't provide decent collusion examples. Neither they could explain a great break in pattern because it didn't exist.

As to the protected colluders as you saw above, all are very good players (many are sharks in DONs) and then when they face situations where they have to save their team mates they risk it all if needed to save them or they simply chipdump by raising and folding. And as you saw above they fold for 200 chips, 100 chips, or even auto fold without any bets! So this is a huge difference in pattern that wouldn't go unnoticed in any software!

This proves the cooperation of Ongame in this fraud. They received reports, asked every detail before investigating, denied collusion many times when it was evident, ignored all the reports after compesating one of the Poker Guardians, ignored chipdumping of flagged accounts in heads up, and since Poker Guardians kept reporting the fraud they decided to lock the accounts and then justify it somehow.

As to the protected colluder team most of them are still playing and new accounts were created since the updated list.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)